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Software engineer from NOIDA uses maths and physics as tools to excellence

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I am an electronics engineering graduate from a U.P. government college and currently working as a software engineer for TATA consultancy services I would like to tell everyone and ask them to share it with their friends that NOBODY CAN TEACH YOU. No matter how old you are if you are willing to learn, you will keep learning things and that is what makes a better person. You should be open to every kind of idea that passes by you and should try to learn something from that no matter what the source is. Because as per my experience it will only help you in the long run.As far as methodology is concerned, I focus on providing students a solid foundation and thorough grasp of the base of the concepts they are dealing with.That's what I believe if the foundation is clear building will be super solid


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It's been 3 years since I've started teaching.There was a student-run foundation, Koshish, (my engagement 2014-2016). In which, we used to give formal education to 150-170 children of classes 1 to 10.We were a group of 25-30 volunteers who used to dedicate 3-4 hours of time on a daily basis and that reflected in our results when a girl from our initiative was ranked first in the science exhibition in the city.Efforts were shown in results as well as not a single student failed in the board exams for the whole time being and 70-80% of students did very well in their final exams. After I moved to NOIDA for my job I found that TCS also run these kinds of initiatives so I dedicate my time to teach students for 7-8 hours every weekend in that initiative as well.



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for students of class 1 to class 5 rate is 500 rupees per hour, for students of class 6 to class 8 it is 700 rupees per hour, for students of 9 to 12 it is 1000 rupees per hour and for undergraduates, it is 1200 per hour.

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