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Software Engineer working in the Aerospace industry teaching Computer Science and Programming in South Bay and Los Angeles

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Hi everyone I'm Zach, a professional software engineer! I was a Data Structures TA at my time pursuing my Bachelor's at SDSU, and have taught students ranging from High School AP Computer Science to Undergraduate Students.

I understand that everyone is different and therefore is best taught with a personalized curriculum. Therefore I treat every student with a personalized lesson plan based on how they respond to the subject and evolve this plan based on their growth.

If you provide me a skill you'd like to learn which I am able to teach and your current level of understanding on the topic I will draft up a lesson plan free of charge!


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About Zach

I graduated as a Computer Science major with honors from San Diego State University and I have been working as a Software Engineer now for almost 2 years! During my time at SDSU I was a Data Structures TA for multiple semesters helping dozens of students along the way. Before I got into computer science I have also had previous experience tutoring math and music. (Calculus, Trigonometry, and Saxophone)

I have teaching experience in the following sub disciplines of computer science:
- Data Structures
- Algorithms and their Analysis
- Compilers and Computer Languages
- Basic Programming Syntax of: C/C++, Python, and Java

I also poses a teachable understanding of:
- Video Game Development (including Unity)
- Software Development Techniques
- Version Control (Git)
- Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
- Systems Programming



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