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Soils technician working in WA state. 3 years experience in tutoring high school STEM, 4 years experience in training/ management. Field, course, and lab experience in general bio, chem, and hydrology


I have taught STEM subjects, English, and career/ resume building to students with diverse learning and cultural backgrounds.

My teaching philosophy: Every student is different and every subject can be framed in a way that makes sense to that student. I will do my best to find that frame and a practicing scheme that works with the student's learning style.


I graduated with an environmental science degree. I have taken upper division and honors coursework in ecology, general biology, geology, chemistry, soil and water science, and GIS. Between 2013 and 2015 I regularly tutored 6 high school underclassmen in geometry, algebra, precalculus, biology, chemistry, Spanish and English. All passed their classes and I received positive reviews from guardians. From 2016 to 2019 I served in leadership positions in food service while in college and was responsible for training and shift management. While in the Peace Corps I worked with local teachers to start a 50- student school club focused on leadership and science-based gardening techniques.

Full resume, references, contact info available upon request.


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Lessons offered by Kyle
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Taught subjects
  • Biology
  • Cell biology
  • Zoology
  • College / University Preparation
  • All Levels

Kyle's resume


University of California, Davis. Davis, California
Bachelor of Science. Major: Environmental Science and Management. (UC GPA 3.518)
Degree awarded September 2019

Relevant Work Experience

USFS Biological Science Technician. Kettle Falls, WA. (July 2020 - Present)
Soils technician for the USDA forest service. Responsible for training and leading seasonal soil crew in soil disturbance monitoring protocol. Other duties include GIS, programming, and technical report writing.

Student Manager, UC Davis Dining Services. Davis, CA (March 2016 - June 2019)
Student manager in a high-volume cafeteria and coffee shop on the UC Davis campus. Responsible for managing shifts, training new employees and ensuring excellent customer service. Other duties included counting banks, creating work schedules, and managing inventory.

Tomato Genetics Resource Center. Davis, CA (June 2017 - March 2018)
Student assistant in a tomato genetics bank assisting with seed stock maintenance. Duties include inventory, greenhouse work, fruit processing, and agricultural field work.

Kisekka Lab. Arbuckle, CA (June- September 2018)
Field assistant for graduate student’s irrigation management project at an almond orchard at Nickels Soil Lab. Responsible for collecting stem water potential data and assisting in almond harvesting, pipe maintenance, and instrument installation.

Tomato Genetics Resource Center. Davis, CA (June 2017 - March 2018)
Student assistant in a tomato gene bank assisting with seed stock maintenance. Duties included plant care in greenhouse, fruit processing, and agricultural field work.

Marcello’s Pizza and Pasta. Riverside, CA (June - August 2015)
Floor worker and delivery driver for a small pizza restaurant. Responsibilities included phone answering, cooking, cleaning, and food delivery.

UC Davis Honors Orientation Leader. Davis, CA (July- August 2017)
With a group of four others assisted incoming college freshmen with class scheduling and Honors Program Orientation. Also worked one-on-one with parents to answer questions and acted on a question and answer panel before 100-200 individuals.

Relevant Volunteer Experience

Rural Resources. Colville, WA (August 2020 - Present)
Community volunteer for Rural Resources Victim Services. Assist in addressing and providing victim services and tribal outreach.

Peace Corps Volunteer. Senegal, West Africa (September 2019 - March 2020)
Peace Corps Sustainable Agriculture Volunteer in Senegal. Trained local people in improved agricultural and food preparation techniques. Initiated leadership clubs in local schools. Service closed early as a result of the global COVID-19 Outbreak

Stockton CAN Volunteer. Stockton, CA (October 20, 2018 - April 2019)
Science Olympiad Coach for at-risk elementary school students in Stockton, California. Mentored team of four third to fifth graders in Science Olympiad events.

Achievements and Program Admittance

• Provost Undergraduate Fellowship ($430, accepted) 2018
• Luther and Marie Davis Scholarship ($3,000, accepted) 2016
• UC Davis Regent’s Scholarship ($30,000, accepted) 2015
• UC Davis Honors Program (accepted, left 2018) 2015
• Research Scholars Program in Insect Biology at UC Davis (accepted) 2015

Relevant Skills and Qualifications

• Experience tutoring middle and high school STEM and language classes
• Ability to stay composed and organized in fast and slow-paced environments
• Experience leading and working in teams in professional settings
• Professional workplace habits and communication
• Adaptable and fast-learning

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