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Wally - Prof ESL - Macon


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  • ESL
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  • English phonetics

Speech and Language Pathologist with 13 years experience with speech, articulation, accent reduction/modification, and language skills. 1:1 with parental involvement.

Lesson location

    • At Wally's house: Macon

    • webcam
    • at your home : will travel up to 70 km

About Wally

I was born to talk. My mother will tell you that. So much so that I earned a Master of Arts in Speech and Language Pathology. Not only do I get to talk, but I get to help other people learn how to talk! My mother loves to talk about how at 8 months, the pediatrician officially declared that I was "an early talker". I qualified for my Masters Degree as an undergraduate, a testament to my having been born to talk.
Sharing your passion with the world is never work. It is fulfillment of a calling. From teaching toddlers how to talk, to reminding the elderly of when they used to talk, I have done it all in the public settings. I have helped shop keepers increase their business and reduce ignorant commentary through accent modification and have helped a child verbally communicate with his mother.
A teacher is a teacher and it is usually known as soon as they begin to talk. We should have a chat.

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Finding the right way someone understands is critical to their personal success. Knowing and identifying how to help people according to their personal needs is absolutely what you are looking for in a tutor, someone like me.

My one one on style of conversationally identifying strengths and weaknesses and tailoring plans to achieve the desired goal is as unique. Empowerment and strengthening of character are pillars of my lessons. Using them, I adapt the necessary lesson to maximize success by marrying an improved self image with an increase in needed knowledge.

I have had experience from birth to death with teaching and within a rehabilitation setting. I have taught speaking and comprehension to those learning it and to those forgetting it. These skills are all transferable to the private setting where more attention and care can be given. It would be worth the ask to see if it is something I can help you with.

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Hourly rate

  • $108

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