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Arizona State University
obtained PhD in Statistics,

The University of Texas El Paso
obtained Master of Science in Statistics,

Peking University, Beijing, China
obtained Master of Business in International Finance with a minor in Chemistry,
09/1999- 07/2002

Peking University, Beijing, China
obtained Bachelor of Business in International Finance with a minor in Chemistry,
09/1995- 07/1999


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About Hongling


School of Medicine, University of California San Diego (UCSD) 03/2016-08/2016
Statistician La Jolla, CA
• Manage, clean and merge large datasets
• Communicate and collaborate effectively and with colleagues at multiple international data management sites
• Create analytic files with detailed documentation
• Independently implement data analysis through statistical programming
• Troubleshoot statistical and analytical issues, as needed
• Calculate power and sample sizes
• Develop appropriate hypotheses and data analysis plans
• Present results for investigators using graphs and tables
• Summarize findings orally and in written form
• Participate in the preparation of papers for publication

Content Connections, LLC 08/ 2007-01/2008
Data Analyst Phoenix, Arizona
·Mining and organizing data
·Appling statistical computing methods
·Performing statistical tests
·Preparing and Presenting reports

El Paso Community College 07/2005-08/2005
Lecturer El Paso, Texas
·Teaching "Business Calculus"
·Helping and tutoring students with questions and homework

Statistical Computing Lab, University of Texas El Paso Campus 01/2004-05/2005
Research Assistant El Paso, Texas
∙Performing descriptive and multivariate statistical data analysis
·Preparing tables, graphs, fact sheets, and wrote summary reports.

Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Texas El Paso Campus (UTEP) 01/ 2003-01/2005
Teaching Assistant El Paso, Texas
·Assisting in in-class teaching and grading homework & exams
∙Tutoring and Answering questions during office hours
·Teaching statistical software at the UTEP Statistical Computing lab

Department of Mathematical Science, University of Texas El Paso Campus (UTEP) 06/2008-01/2016
Lecturer El Paso, Texas
·Teaching different levels of mathematics and statistics courses
·Researching at Statistical Computing Lab of UTEP
·Collaborating with Texas Tech health Science Center El Paso Campus on medical research
·Analyzing data through statistical programming

College of Engineering, University of Texas El Paso Campus 03/2010-01/2016
Statistician El Paso, Texas
·Working on GIS research and Ride8 Project
·Guiding graduate students with graduate theses
·Collaborating with other researchers in publication

Department of Internal Medicine, Texas Tech Health Science Center 04/2009-07/2011
Statistical Consultant El Paso, Texas
·Leading and guiding residents to conduct medical research
·Providing with research ideas and sampling designs
·Teaching and helping the resident program with Statistical Computing
·Collaborating with medical doctors in clinical trials

Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Arizona State University 08/2005-05/2008
Teaching & Research Assistant Tempe, Arizona
·Assisting in in-class teaching and grading homework & exams
·Tutoring and Answering questions during office hours
·Helping Professors prepare for lectures
·Researching and Analyzing data through statistical computing



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  • $35/h

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