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It's Time. Let Me Be Your Guide To Meeting Your Educational Goals

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I'm a fun and energetic teacher that wants to provide you with the tools to be successful in meeting your educational goals. I use a hands on approach and tie lessons to practical life situations. I also teach the importance of developing good study habits and provide you with the tools to succeed on your own. Each of learns differently. It is important to know how you learn best. What tools and methods work best for you? My goal is to not only help you with your current situation, but to provide you with the knowledge and tools you can use to be successful on your own.


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About Lisa

I have been an instructor or providing private lessons for over 15 years in the private sector and as an Adjunct Instructor at the Community College Level. I have worked with hundreds of students and adults at all age levels.



  • 5h: $60
  • 10h: $100


  • $15/h


I vary rates depending on the student's needs, subject matter, amount of time needed and goals that are being accomplished. The rates I have included are a general guide. Each students case is determined individually, but generally within the stated guidelines.

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  • Greetings! I’m a very fluent and well versed English speaker with a dense vocabulary and understanding of the English language’s nuances. I’d love to help others achieve such fluency!



    I like to describe my teaching method as flexible. I know everybody tends to learn differently, so my goal as a teacher is...

    • $35/h
    • 1hr free