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Trainer/Coach with 9yrs experience looking to expand online clientele with customized workout programs. BS in Exercise Physiology. All clients Accepted :)

    • Agoura Hills
    • at her home

About the lesson

Hi! :)
I am a personal trainer/coach of 9 years with a BS in Exercise Physiology and a handful of certifications to go with it (USAW level 1, USAW Level 2, NASM, CSCS in progress). I have trained just about every clientele you could think of and have had success with athletes and general population/fat loss and injury rehabilitation. Will take on beginner exercisers as well.


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  • Muscle Toning


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About Mallory

My greatest passion is strength and conditioning and I have helped many middle school, high school, and college aged athletes improve their sports performance through my programs. I enjoy watching my little ones turn into studs :) My easy to follow programs are designed to make getting in shape, staying in shape or improving performance simple.



  • 5h: $400
  • 10h: $750


Those who wish to train in person/one-on-one, pay rates above. Please keep in mind you are getting an experienced and educated trainer/coach. Cheap coaches aren't good, and good coaches aren't cheap!
Those who wish to do ONLINE ONLY, my programs run at $250 for 12 weeks of training.

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