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Luis - Prof mathematics - Ulverston


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University Student with a passion for all things mathematical and therefore awesome!

About the lesson

Hello mathematicians or "I'm a pupil get me through maths" people :)...
I am a MEng Mechanical Engineering Student!
My Grades:
GCSE Maths: A
A level Maths: A

I am a sympathetic teacher that wants to know what is holding you back in maths; How I can get you through these barriers and quite importantly...
- How I can help you relate maths to real life, your other studies and links to more basic maths to improve your advancing maths skills and make it easier for you to grasp.


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About Luis

Informally, I have always taught others around me on all subjects I took up.

Fellow pupils from GCSE, A level and University have always come to me for help getting through STEM subjects!
I have always made sure they were able to understand and progress by themselves after I had explained to them the simplicities and the links within this subject that can bring maths down from the clouds and into the realms of understanding.

I usually get pupils coming to me with specific issues or areas of maths they do not understand. At which point I'd always be willing to help them through any problems and recommend they come back to me if they get stuck again :).

How well a student succeeds is down to the information available to them, the quality of teaching but as always... the pupils willingness to learn and become successful in a subject is the biggest factor for success.

I can provide stimulus, tools and help.... It is down to the individual to put these into practice. Which is why I love to explain the uses of maths to pupils. To let them know what things are for and that this is not a useless thing to learn. Also the endless possibilities of future careers, in anyway, related to maths.



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