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Vancouver, Washington, Reading/ Phonics, Math/ Algebra, BA Business Ed, 25 years teaching experience, 5 years teaching for business colleges, Spokane and Vancouver, 20 year homeschooling my children,

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I review what sounds the each letter makes. Then move to what combinations of letters make the letter make different sound. Then I play Phonics Game with my student to reinforce the rule of phonics. I have books that I taught my children to read with. I was a poor reader in school, I was taught the Look See method of reading. I struggled with school in my beginning years. My learning-disabled younger brother was taught Phonics. He read better than I did. I chose to use phonics to teach my children and others. My children are voracious, now.

Math -- in teaching my children Math and Algebra, I used Saxon math. However, I have worked with other children helping them to use the instruction they get in their school.
When teaching my children, I required rote memorization of the addition and multiplication tables, to start with. I didn’t make them memorize the subtraction and division table, because I taught them, if they know 2+3 = 5, they can figure out “5-3 = ?”, by saying “what + 3 = 5”. It takes them slightly longer to do their subtraction and division then addition and multiplication.


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About Mary Ellen

I have been teaching for 25 years teaching experience, 5 years teaching for business colleges, Spokane and Vancouver, 20 year homeschooling my children, and friends children.
I have taught more than ten students as a home schooling mom. Two of my children graduated from high school and went to Clark in the machining, and culinary program. My daughter is in her junior year of high school.
My older son was not a math person. He struggle with his math most of his schooling, however when he went to Skills Center for their Restaurant management program, he was the one that helped the other students understand how to do the math required in that program.
My older son from sixth grade through twelfth, test at twelfth grade level in his yearly testing.
My daughter tests on grade level in Math.
I have worked with six other children on their Math and Reading, both home schooling tutoring and public school students, their teachers saw mark improvements in their understanding.



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