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Want to learn to write a guitar song? It's never too late! If you can feel good music, you can make good music.

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I attended Georgia Tech for two years, and eventually graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I have studied as much of the world as I possibly can - my childhood encouraged me to enthusiastically pursue the truth about everything.


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About Lucas

I have helped people learn to learn about all kinds of things for most of my self-conscious life. My grandma was a teacher for 32 years, and she inspired me to begin professionally sharing knowledge when I was a wee lad of just fourteen years. Today, I think of myself as a guide - my goal is to simply reveal the paths that other people might want to follow, and sometimes to clear paths that haven't been walked in awhile. The traveler must make the journey.



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If you need me to drive farther than two miles, I may be able to accommodate that, but I will need to charge $15 per hour of travel time (including my return trip).

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  • Guitarrist for fifteen years, with six years of teaching experience as a private instructor.


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    My teaching method is to, first, understand the need of the student, and build a lesson plan around his goal. I’m...

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  • Hi, Im Kalin, a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and song writer, who hasn’t stopped learning since picking up the 1st guitar about 15 years ago. Today, I own a studio, and am surrounded by music all


    Santa Barbara

    Fun is my teaching model, with an emphasis on no judgement. Learning an instrument is far too difficult, if it is without...

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