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Want to not only feel your best but look your best on the go?

About the lesson

My name is Jada. I am going to start makeup blogging and youtube videos very soon on how to look the best as you can no matter where you are. I have taught people of all ages how to contour, make that perfect eyebrow arch, and how to decide which brand works best for them.


  • Make-up
  • Personal shopping
  • Braiding
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    Fashion Stylist / Wardrobe Consultant


  • English
  • German


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About Jada

I have been giving lessons for 3 years. Teaching around 40 students. I tend to keep the same students throughout the years. Very loyal. Most of my students have went on to pursuing degrees cosmetology and fashion. The success continues.



  • 5h: $190
  • 10h: $250


  • + $$10


  • $10/h

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  • Student at University, part time Make-up artist, hair stylist and personal shopper. 5 years experience.


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  • Young adult with experience working as a personal stylist and cosmetologist. Bubbly optimist person excited to help others feel confident in their own skin.


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  • Professional Makeup Artist and your go to stylist on the go.Learn international makeup and stylist skills & techniques with minimal equipment and resources.



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  • Houston Hobbyist Turned Personal Shopper and Stylist Wants to Give You a Makeover!



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  • Avid shopper helping people update their looks with clothes they might already have



    My teaching method is basically, just trying to help people realize that they already have trendy clothes in their closet,...

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  • Special Fx makeup artist with 10 years experience, worked on over 100 tv and film sets and with multiple celebrities


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  • Make-up and Hair Styling lessons from a helpful older sister in LA


    Thousand Oaks

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  • Hey, make-up have been my passion since a couple of years now My style is an unique, special style where all my products are affordable. Please give it a try



    PowerPoints, live sessions, very interactive and dont mind repeating Listening to the people i’m teaching and dont mind...

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  • Independent Designer offering personal styling and shopping, with 5 years of experience



    I will either serve as a personal stylist and provide tips to those struggling with their personal wardrobe, or will teach...

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  • Self-taught MUA! 19, Attended Cosmetology for 1 year, Zoom meetings available to anyone!



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  • Makeup Artist Gives Online Lessons on How to Do Your Makeup Professionally


    San Jose

    My teaching method is a hands-on approach. I believe that my students excel in an environment where they can follow along,...

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  • I’m an apparel designer in my third year of college. It is literally my class work to track trends. I pride myself on always looking put together and for creating unique and creative outfits that typi



    I’m here to help you look your best. I believe that every woman has beauty inside and out and that clothing is a way to...

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  • I love fashion and I shop a lot maybe sometime to much! I would love help you save money and have a nice wardrobe.



    I am hoping to help people with there wardrobe, with dance and many more!!!!! So if you need help with any of these things I...

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  • Make-up lessons for begginers. Learn how to use makeup as a therapy

    Yo soy Lulu


    I base my classes on having fun, not stressing about the outcome and explore the endless possibilities that makeup has to...

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  • Hi!! My names India! I’m 16 years old, and I’m looking to share my makeup skills and earn some cash!! I really want to expand my horizons and help others!



    I want to show you skills you may not know, help you achieve the goals that are needed. And also help you make the perfect...

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  • Multi talented high school student willing to teach others what she knows



    My teaching approach is through relationship building. I like to get to know the person I’m teaching in order to better...

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  • Lean health within yourself New Albany lit class with intelligence and smartness


    New Albany

    My teaching method is basically asking them what they already know then I start a chapter of a new part of the topic which...

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  • Mr.Help you get your fit right, I’m helping anyone who needs tips on how to upgrade their outfit/wardrobe with a few changes.



    I like to be completely honest with anyone I’m talking to about my reaction to their current outfits. I would never tell...

    • $25/h
    • 1hr free
  • For me it’s not just about the clothes, it’s about the person as well!



    I am someone who believes that confidence and clothes go hand in hand. Many times that perfect outfit has changed my mood...

    • $24/h
    • 1hr free