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I will help you in solving mathematics assignments (Algebra, Geometric and Calculus.)

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I am an Computer Science by profession and I love to help and offer services related to maths and excel. I am improving my skills on daily basis to help my clients in every possible way. For any query, feel free to contact me.


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About Donggeon

I have helped several students in completing their Math Homeworks and Quizzes on various platforms including Pearson, My Math Lab, My Stats Lab, WebAssign, Aleks, Connect Math & Wiley Plus with perfect accuracy. Screen-shots of some results are available in the gallery.

I can also provide you the detailed solutions of math problems, if desired.

My strongest and favorite portions/topics are Algebra, Pre Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre Calculus, Calculus, General Math.

In case of any help or question regarding this gig don't hesitate to contact me. Accurate results are a guarantee.

Please contact me before placing an order to check if I am available for the work or not :)




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    My teaching method is to first observe how the student best learns, and go from there. I believe practice problems are the...

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