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Mario - Prof mathematics - Oxford


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33 year old College student who has passed all my Math courses with at least a 95 in Oxford, MS

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About Mario

Unofficially, I have been giving Math lessons for over 20 years. I am currently 33 so it has been since middle school. I tutored my older siblings because I always caught on to their Math lessons, even when they couldn't. I have helped people raise their grades from C- to an A+. In my lifetime, I have taught well over 100 people since I am good at all levels of Math.

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To be totally transparent, I have only given lessons to college students, up to the Master's level of Math. I have always loved Math and it just comes naturally to me. I am also good at explaining thing in the most simple of ways. The way that I give lessons is that I see why you like Math or not and what you know before we ease on ahead. I am also great at working at a person's pace seeing that I know that Math requires patience at times.

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