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Yoga teacher is looking for people who want to change their life in a better way...or at least become more flexible :)

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It sounds trivially but yoga has changed my life and it may happen to your life as well: better body, better health, calm and joy in your heart. I enjoy sharing things I know to help others live better simpler life. It's so exciting to see how my student starts practicing things she learnt and how it influences her life.


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About Katia

My classes depend on your needs, we can work only with body practice or add some spiritual practice as meditation, singing mantras, pranayamas, yoga-nidra etc. I can promise you that my yoga classes (even if we do only stretching exercises) have nothing to do with regular fitness classes, time will fly, in the end of the class you will be full of energy. Ah, and you never get bored!



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  • 10h: $350


  • $35/h

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  • Mindful awareness meditation and restorative yoga teacher based out of Portland, Oregon.



    In my classes you can expect guided meditations, quietude, de-escalation of your nervous system, breathwork, connection to...

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