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Do you need to communicate well in English? Need to improve your grades? English Graduate teacher with over 35 yrs of experience can help you with classes online and/or in person.

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As a native Brazilian English teacher, I have the privilege to say that I have helped countless foreign students to speak, read, listen and write in English. I have also tutored native speakers of all ages. I have a BA in English and a Master's in Education. I am very flexible in my teaching style and I seek to focus on the students' areas of need and interest, choosing teaching materials that best suit them and that are going to promote learning in the most effective way. It all depends on what students' profiles are. I make sure we include humor, as well. After all, learning can and should be fun!


  • ESL
  • Oral expression - English
  • Listening comprehension - English
  • +1

    Accent reduction - English


  • English
  • Portuguese


  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • Adult Education
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About Claudia

I have been teaching English for over 35 years and have taught from little children to adults - more people than I can remember! Several of my students in Brazil were accepted into American universities after they graduated from High School and are now happily enjoying their careers. So many others became proficient in English enough to receive the so-dreamed-of promotions at work or at school. I still keep in touch with several of them!



  • 5h: $180
  • 10h: $300


  • $35/h


Values vary based on student's level.

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