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I am your friendly Business teacher!!it will be fun and productive!Enjoy your classes!!

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Hi!!Well first of all im a graduate of a reputable school that is concentrated on Business and Law.I have been teaching for almost 15 years now.In a very diverse group and environment.My teaching methods are very interactive, i see to it that my students are abreast to the latest trends in business here and around the globe.


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About George

Hello!! Iv'e been teacching for almost 15 years now. Teaching in a very diverse and mixed environment.I always engage my students my relating our lessons to their daily life and interest. I see to it that they understand and achieve their goals in my class. And at the same time apply it to their daily lives



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  • Avid crypto investor and student.  Background in executive leadership for the Aerospace and Defense sector.  Ambitious and completely self taught in all my areas of expertise.



    I started as an entry level assembly tech in a publicly traded company with 5 business units, 1200 employees, 4 locations...

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  • Professor of Marketing and Management from Mauritius holding FHEA grooms you to excel



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    Passion for teaching statement Back in the years, when I started teaching my first students at secondary school level, I...

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  • Business professional with diverse background gives lessons on Business, Management, and Economics



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  • MBA holder with Accounting and Finance background coupled with years of experience.



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    I use a participatory approach where my students get involved in the discussion. I give them the opportunity to express...

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  • High School graduate tutoring core classes remotely and specialty courses including digital marketing and business.


    Spring Lake

    My teaching approach is much more biased towards how a previous student was able to gain confidence in core subjects....

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  • Successful Marketing & Sales Professional Will Teach You How to Love What You Do


    Kansas City

    My teaching approach is to keep everything relevant to sales, marketing and customer service but to also keep it up to date....

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  • MBA graduate with finance emphasis. Tutored undergraduate economic statistics. 28 years experience working in IT.



    Students learn in many different ways. To have an approach without knowing the student would be much like having only one...

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  • I am a senior in high school looking to help people. I've helped my little sister with school before and other kids at my school.



    I like to see what they know first about the topic and then whatever they don't know go over that with them. I like flash...

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  • Iam a professional academic tutor. My experiences and education have also developed my ability to work with tight schedules and handle an exceptionally high-volume workload.


    Nevada County

    I develop my motivation from goal achievement, this encourages me to work on surpassing the status quo and to exceed my...

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  • Pennsylvania State Marketing and Management Graduate Teaching Business Classes Online Management Marketing Negotiation



    I base my classes online. I go over the basics of management, marketing, business, and negotiation. I go over skills and...

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  • I raised $26,000 on Kickstarter! Book me to find out how to run your crowdfunding campaign!



    I will share key insights with you and then assist you in planning your own crowdfunding campaign using my strategies. I...

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  • Management Professional teaching academic writing, SEO copywriting, marketing, human resources, business and management to all ages


    New York

    Use of the Interruption System: I enable my understudy's to take a dynamic part in mentoring sessions. To guarantee...

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  • Experienced tutor (business/ math/ marketing/ finance/ economics/ English/ other) in Fremont, CA. Experienced teaching and tutoring high school and college students.



    High school and college students- I can help you get better grades! I am a college and high school teacher that can help...

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  • College Marketing & Advertising-College Marketing & Advertising- I have been in the food industry for 25 years, having served as VP of Branding & Marketing for retail and CPG



    I like to approach each student and topic independently, customizing the tutoring experience to the need of each student. I...

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  • I am a current recent Longwood university MBA graduate, certified Blockchain expert, also a licensed teacher. With my education consulting business me and my team teach individuals and organization th


    Los Angeles

    Because I have years of experience achieving success within with blockchain technology. I have done everything that I teach...

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  • I am Darlene, a final-year Business and Management student at Buckinghamshire New University, the United Kingdom. I provide help in Business Studies, Marketing, Accounting, and Essay Writing.


    Storm Lake

    My teaching methodology: The first lesson is dedicated to knowing the student and discussing their struggles with the given...

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  • Agribusiness Manager with 10 plus years of experience in economics, commodity markets, business/market analysis, and crop and soil science.



    I base my classes on academic research and personal experiences within the industry to provide students with a 'real life'...

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  • A teaching enthusiast Engineer currently doing dual masters in MBA and MS.



    My teaching approach consist of understanding the mindset of the student first. I usually goes as per the individual and try...

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  • ACT - Patient, Creative and Effective Tutor for All Subjects, All Cities, All Ages


    Rocky River

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    I am patient, creative and friendly. Many of my students tell me that I explain concepts more effectively than their...

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  • Graduate from Rutgers Business School, teaches Marketing, Analytics and Reporting. Reach out if you’d like to learn about any topic from A/B testing to Salesforce.com exports!


    San Jose

    Happy to engage with anyone on any topic! Love learning from others and sharing any knowledge I have picked up along the...

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    • 1hr free
  • More than 8 Years experience teaching Accounting and Business Management. Chartered Accountant by profession, B.Comm Accounting.



    I believe in practical work based on preparation whereby I give next lesson's notes/agenda ahead so that the student browses...

    • $8/h
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