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  • English literature
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Freelance filmmaker looking to teach courses in Academic Writing, Creative Writing, and Languages


I have a student-centered teaching approach. I believe that students learn by trial and error and through this process they need the guidance of a teacher who can support them while they work to achieve their educational or academic goals.


I have a bachelor degree in Justice and Law, a graduate certificate in Arts Management, and I am in the process of earning a master degree in Film. I also know three languages. My academic background has enabled me to master the writing, reading, and speaking skills and I am eager to teach these skills to students who might need help in learning a new language or perfecting their reading or writing comprehension skills.


Rate for online lessons : $10/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $9
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $8
Lessons offered by Kristel
In group
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Academic English
  • Reading
  • Literature
  • Creative writing
  • Essay writing
  • English literature
  • All Levels

Kristel's resume

I am currently a graduate student at American University attending the MFA program in Film and Media Arts. I have experience interning at talent agencies, production companies and in the legal field. I have creative and analytical writing skills, talent and brand management skills, and strong knowledge of legal processes and office management procedures.

strong communication, legal research, and interpersonal skills
ability to multitask and perform administrative duties in a timely manner
excellent time management skills
familiarity with legal terminology and legal research
good computer skills
knowledge in the filmmaking process
knowledge and experience in writing for film and tv as well as script coverage
talent recruiting and management skills
excellent critical thinking and creative writing skills
Final Draft
Breakdown Express
Microsoft Office

Work History
Intern, Metropolitan Talent AgencyLos Angeles, Los Angeles |2018 - Current
-provide script coverage for the scripts that are submitted to the agency

Film Productions Intern, Gulf Productions AlbaniaTirana, Albania |2019 - 2019
-communicate with directors, writers, actors, and producers about the projects
-support staff by taking notes during meetings, answering phones, greeting clients
-provide assistance in all elements of production such as sound, lighting, editing, camera, and preproduction
-work closely with staff in choosing and developing new projects
-assist staff during casting

Legal Intern, Daci AssociatesTirana, Albania |2018 - 2018
-created dockets for all new and existing cases
-researched legal questions
-drafted memos, complaints and briefs
-compiled legal documents and presented them to the supervisor in a timely manner
-performed initial intake interview with clients and recorded the facts accurately
-administrative office duties
-reviewed legal information and proofed documentation for errors
-attended depositions and court proceedings and prepared summaries on the cases
-processed summons, subpoenas, motions and appeals to facilitate timely court proceedings

Talent Manager Assistant, Icon AgencyTirana, Albania |2017 - 2017
-reviewed resumes and headshot of the models
-assisted with general administrative office duties
- organized client information in a filing system
-supervised models, including offering feedback and cultivating their images
-coordinated with photographers to set up test shoots and paid shoots

Legal Secretary, Drakopoulos Law FirmTirana, Albania |2016 - 2016
-coordinated and scheduled meetings and telephone conferences
-received and disbursed all incoming mails
-drafted and typed grammatically correct office memos
-composed and revised legal documents

First Assistant To Director, Klajd PapadhimitriTirana, Albania |2015 - 2015
-worked as first assistant to director Klajd Papadhimitri in the movie ''You can call me John''
- monitored expenditures and managed shooting schedules
-drafted film budgets
-oversaw production and managed crew members

Film Development Intern, Gulf Productions AlbaniaTirana, Albania |2015 - 2015
-worked closely with the executive
-provided script coverage
-answered phone calls and greeted clients
- read outlines for development projects

Intern, Grace ModelsTirana, Albania |2014 - 2014
-used social media to brand company
- greeted talent and helped oversee paperwork
-handled daily and electronic hardcopy submissions
-researched agents, managers and clients

English And Math Tutor, Lincoln CenterTirana, Albania |2013 - 2014
-prepare syllabus for the upcoming summer courses
-grade papers and exams
-teach students from the age of 9 to 13 English, Math and Creative Writing
-monitored student performance
-reviewed class materials with students by discussing their assigned readings, by going through their homework and problem solving skills

Call Center Representative, AlbacallTirana, Albania |2012 - 2013
I worked full time at this company for over a year as an inbound telephone consultant.
-analyzed the needs of the clients
-direct the clients towards personalized products and services
-administrative office duties
-provide technical and commercial assistance
-verified that all customers received receipts for their purchases
-communicated clear expectations and goals to each team member
-trained and monitored interns

Master of Arts - Expected in May 2023 American University | Washington D.C Film And Media Arts

Graduate Certificate Program - May 2020 American University | Washington D.C International Arts Management

Screenwriting Professional Program Degree - May 2020 UCLA School of Theater, Film, And Television | Los Angeles, CA Screenwriting
I am attending the online professional program in writing for film and television at UCLA.

Bachelor of Arts - May 2019 American University | Washington D.C Justice And Law

University of New York in Tirana | Tirana, Albania International Relations And Political Sciences
I attended the first year of university in this school.

High School Diploma - Jun 2015 Woodrow Wilson High School | Tirana, Albania
-I graduated from high school with a 4.0 gpa while working part time
-''Best Student of School'' Award

Additional Information

September 15, 2013-March 01, 2014

I completed the six-month Pro Series Online Screenwriting Program where I wrote my first feature film as well as I was able to gain a thorough knowledge on the complete process of writing a feature film.

May 06, 2014-June 10, 2014

I completed the Storywise 5-week TV Pilot Teleseminar created and taught by the acclaimed screenwriting instructor Jen Grisanti. I wrote one tv pilot as well as I was able to gain deeper knowledge on how to pitch my ideas, how to outline my script, and how to write a marketable tv pilot.

I have wrote five television pilots and written two feature films.

Community Involvement

1.Promotion Program of Humanitarian Values Sensitization at School for the Red Cross
2.Program for Increasing Funds Campaign for the October 17 World Day Against Hunger Awareness campaign and aid collection for families flooded in southern Albania
3.Health Program Hygiene in community-cleaning the hills of the lake Sensitization for 1 December-World Day of war against HIV-AIDS
Academic Papers
Academic Papers

1. Mulholland Drive as a Representation of Camilla’s Dream and Regret

(concealed information)

In this paper, I want to demonstrate by using Lacan’s theory of mirror stage and other concepts crucial to his psychoanalytic theory such as the imaginary, the symbolic order, the Real, the Other, and object petit a, to demonstrate that the first two thirds of Mulholland Drive is Camilla’s dream after Diane’s suicide which occurs in the second part of the movie.

2. Strangers in Reality: An Analysis of Jim Jarmusch’s Filmography Using Baudrillard’s Theories of the Media

(concealed information)

In this paper I want to demonstrate by focusing on an analysis of Jarmusch’s main works and his style such as minimal plot, fascination with otherness, miscommunication and language barriers that Jarmusch’s movies are able to capture the crude and unpolished realness of everyday life and of human interactions in a way that is free and undecorated from the conventions that Baudrillard and Foucault assert that conceal the real by creating profound cinematic works that their main goal is not only to entertain but to deeply impact and force the viewers to face the truth of their everyday life as well as the beauty of simple particles of their existence.

3. The American Dream in The O.C and Veronica Mars: A Myth or a Reality?

(concealed information)

The way the American Dream is portrayed in two tv series, Veronica Mars and the O.C., points to the fact that the American Dream according to Holtzman’s definition, even though it might exist only as a concept in reality, it is not attainable but is reserved to a small privileged upper middle-class group who holds the keys to an idealized version of the American Dream.

4. Complex TV as Quality TV: An analysis of Breaking Bad and other Narratively Complex Tv Series

(concealed information)

In this paper, I have used the example of the acclaimed television series Breaking Bad and compared it with other successful narratively complex tv series with episodes airing post 2010 to demonstrate that Breaking Bad with its anti-hero protagonist, gradual transformation of the main character, and its storytelling devices such as cold opens and flashbacks is a narrative complex tv series that can also be considered quality television because it creates a more engaged audience which is intellectually and emotionally challenged by the unexpected events in the narrative.

5. Beauty as Happiness: The Quest of the Characters in American Beauty towards Happiness

(concealed information)

In this paper, I have purported to give a new interpretation of the movie American Beauty by using Nietzche and Freud’s ideas on happiness and becoming one’s self as well as by analyzing the movie’s directorial style to demonstrate that one meaning of the movie can be the quest of the main protagonist, Lester, as well as of the other characters, to achieve their versions of happiness in their lives by breaking down the conventions of the modern society which have blinded the characters from the transcendental and small particles of their existence that contain the beauty in their life and thus the meaning of their existence.

6. Netlix’s Dilemma: Is Television’s Audience Free When Watching Netflix?

(concealed information)

Netflix has had a dual effect on the television audience because it appears that the television audience has more control and more freedom to choose but at the same time it has restricted the viewers’ choices by offering to them selections that are similar to what they seen before and eliminates the sharedness that the watching experience entails. Moreover, this effect of restricting the viewers’ choices that Netflix has can be more pronounced for an international audience watching television through the binge-watch model because it makes them less active by offering to them productions which are inside their comfort zone in terms of their cultural and societal background.

7. The evolving relationship of Tracy and Dexter in The Philadelphia Story

(concealed information)

8. Research Paper on Hitchcock’s Vertigo

(concealed information)
Albanian (fluent, native proficiency), English (fluent), Italian (fluent), Spanish (limited proficiency)

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