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My ad's visibility

Want to improve your ad ? Here are our top tips:

Add a photo:
Students are 10 times more likely to consult an ad with a photo attached to it. Choose a good quality photo which represents who you are.

Elaborate each section:
Use a minimum of 40 words in the sections “About the lesson" and “About you". Detailing your skills, experience, and your approach to teaching will increase the chances that students will contact you.

Be responsive:
Respond to lesson requests as soon as possible.

Ask for recommendations:
To reassure future students, ask former students to share the reasons they enjoyed working with you. Send them the link found in the "Reviews" tab on your dashboard or in the “Recommendations” text block at the bottom of your ad.

Ask for reviews:
Your Superprof students are able to leave you reviews via the “Evaluate” button in their mailboxes. Don't hesitate to suggest this.

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