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Law student and EXPERIENCED tutor offering English lessons up to GCSE level

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My work will support schoolwork (where appropriate) by providing a fresh approach and a lively and friendly personal engagement. Whilst always bearing in mind the arc of a pupil's needs, especially when approaching an exam. I have a wide range of materials and I am constantly creating and discovering more.

I enjoy helping students who often lack self-confidence in their approach to studying and sitting exams. I am also experienced in helping students who either have trouble remembering what they have studied in class and thus fall short in exams or students who remember the content but fail to translate it in their exams.

I focus on improving the students exam technique through reviewing past papers, getting them to understand mark schemes and improving their writing technique and essay structuring.

I also provide detailed, half-termly progress reports to parents on the student's progression.

If support with school/college coursework or homework is needed, we will focus on that in sessions too.

I offer sessions of duration of an hour minumum, increasing in half-hourly hour increments for anything up to three hours (i.e. a session of an hour and a half could be catered for).

Whether your son or daughter is high-achieving in the subject and looking for a final push into a top grade or someone who is struggling, I am always prepared to go above and beyond for them.

I can break down to the student exactly what it is they need to do in order to cross the relevant grade boundary because of my knowledge of assessment objectives and the subtle nuances required for a student to make changes and move from one band to the next.

Having been in many of my students shoes recently, and understanding the pressure of exams, this enables me to relate with my students and helps them to relax in my company, as they know that I am on their side and they trust me enough to feel comfortable to ask me what they might feel are 'stupid' questions.


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About Jade

I am an EXPERIENCED private tutor and Law student at LSE. I specialise in teaching English up to GCSE level.

I have a strong record of success at all levels, from 11+ through to GCSE, as well as with young children in KS1. am familiar with SATs, CATs, 7+, 11+ and LNAT entrance exams. A distinctive aspect of my work is the high quality of individually tailored materials I produce both for use in lessons and for each pupil's complementary study alone.

I have always had an impeccable academic record (for example: 6 A*s/3 A’s at GCSE, 2 A*s/1 A at A-Level) and I have a sound understanding of the various syllabuses. As it is not so long since I sat these exams myself, I can offer a fresh approach to learning. I love teaching!

I have always known how to play exams and get good results. This is something which is learned and developed and what I wish to hopefully pass on to my students.

I spend hours reading a week, but, thankfully, I have always been a 'reader' and, thus, I enjoy it and will always find the study of literature a fascinating joy.

I also teach and mentor young primary school children with their general reading, phonetics, writing and spelling, especially during this period of school closure where many pupils can truly benefit from any other forms of additional help. I also tutor in Geography, History and Religious Studies.

My sessions run from Mondays to Saturdays: daytimes and evenings.
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