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💰What is the average price of Latin lessons in New York?

The average price of Latin lessons in New York is $21.

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Latin Lessons In The City of New York

If you’re thinking about learning Latin then you’re in the right place because SuperProf is here to help you take on this new skill.

Although people might think that Latin is a “dead language” it most certainly is not, In fact, it is invisibly and indelibly threaded through modern-day English.

And if you’re a Harry Potter fan then you have been exposed to a lot more of the Latin language than you might have thought.

The characters’ names, for example, are all derived from Latin such as Albus, Severus, and Bellatrix, which mean white, severe, and warrior.

And of course, most of the spells are also written and spoken in the Latin language.

Even though speaking Latin is a great skill to have, sadly not enough people get the opportunity to learn it, which is why we want to help you!

Over 60% of English words have Greek or Latin roots and in the vocabulary of the sciences and technology, that figure rises to over 90%.

So whether you believe it or not, Latin tutoring lessons might be your smartest investment yet!


The Benefits of Learning Latin

Learning the Latin language can be a lot more beneficial than you think especially if you start from a young age and here are a few reasons why.

It’s been proven that mastering Latin can lead to one performing well academically in other subject areas.

And this is because learning this highly organized and logical language results in better verbal, analytical and problem-solving skills.

This definitely includes the complex subject of Mathematics which is a language of its own that similar to Latin is very logical, detailed, and requires a lot of attention.

Learning Latin is also a brilliant way to support your literacy as it can help make connections between Latin and English grammar and vocabulary.

Teaching ‘root’ words is a great way to decode the English language especially when a single Latin root can generate over 100 words.

So you’ll have the ability to gain meaning from unfamiliar words, which will greatly improve your reading comprehension.

Most importantly, learning Latin makes grasping another language a lot easier, especially modern foreign languages such as German or Russian.

This is because Latin allows you to become comfortable with breaking down grammatical structures and parts of speech.

So this will be an amazing skill to acquire if you have an interest in continuing to learn any more Romance languages such as Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, or even Romanian.

Because all of these languages have one thing in common, most of their structure, grammar, and lexicon come from Latin. 


Improve Your Education And Job Opportunities

If you’re someone that is interested in a career in a scientific, medical or legal field then the Latin language is definitely for you!

Knowing Latin will help you get ahead in these professions and make your studies go a lot smoother.

And that’s because medical terminology comes almost entirely from the Latin and Greek languages.

Even Dr. Charles Zubrod, an American oncologist who played a prominent role in the introduction of chemotherapy for Cancer, once quoted that studying Latin and Greek as a child prepared him for a life of medical research.

Latin also supplies many of the root words for the specialized vocabularies of law, politics, logic, and theology.

Especially when the study of logic comes from the Latin translations of Aristotle’s work from the medieval period.

As previously mentioned, not many people choose to learn Latin, and having it on your resume only indicates that you have an affinity for history and learning.

Potential employers love seeing language skills on a resume and knowing a second language, such as Latin, will surely make you stand out!


Learn All About Our Ancient History

The fun part about learning Latin is that you’ll become exposed to all kinds of ancient history and the classics can open your eyes to the wonders of classical civilization.

Meaning the celebration of human individual achievement and the ideal human form that derives from Classical Greek and Latin Literature.

Which includes a highly developed form of sculpture, literature, math, written language, and record keeping.

So if you’re from New York City you might find it extremely fun to learn the Latin language and even visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art to further your education.

The Met’s collection of Greek and Roman art comprises more than thirty thousand works ranging in date from the Neolithic period to the time of the Roman emperor Constantine’s conversion to Christianity in A.D. 312.

Which you’ll find fascinating since much of our modern-day culture is a direct result of the ancient world.

Even New York’s Public Library is home to a strong collection of current classics which touch on classical literature, art, architecture and so much more!


How To Find Your Ideal Latin Instructor

If you’re still reading, then that means you’ve enjoyed learning about the Latin language and you’re interested in understanding and speaking it for yourself!

However, you must be wondering where to even start or how to find the perfect Latin-speaking tutor that is within your area.

Well, thankfully for you, SuperProf is here to make that process easy for you by providing you will all of your available options.

Whether you want to take virtual or in-person lessons, our platform will present you with a list of New York-based and remote tutors along with their professional bios for you to review.

You can even read reviews by previous students for each background-checked tutor.

Our goal is to provide motivated students like you with an affordable education that is fun and effective, which is why most tutors on SuperProf even offer their first lesson for free.

This will allow you to determine if they are the right instructor for you to embark on this new journey with.

Besides, a great way to learn a new complex language such as Latin is through consistency and practicing out loud with another Latin speaker.

So why wait any longer and get started on Superprof to find your perfect tutor and ideal virtual classroom!

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