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💰What is the average price of Poetry lessons in Chicago?

The average price of Poetry lessons in Chicago is $21.

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Learn how to write poetry with a private tutor

Poetry Lessons in Chicago, Illinois

If you’re thinking about studying poetry in the Windy City then you should know that for decades, poetry played an invaluable role in Chicago’s literature and art scenes.

In fact, its artistic community has produced and published some of the genre’s most famous authors before they became household names.

Although it may not be Rome, the city of poets, the writers of Chicago continue to redefine the art of written and spoken-word poetry.

Fun fact, Chicago is also home to one of the most important poetry magazines in the United States known as Poetry Magazine.

Founded by Harriet Monroe in 1912, in the Fine Arts Building on Michigan Avenue, a street well known to Chicago natives like you as well as tourists to the city.

So if you’re looking to learn about Poetry and how to write it while living in Chicago, then you’re on the right track!

But the word Poetry comes from the Greek poiesis meaning “making” or “creating” and poetry outdates literacy itself.

In prehistoric and ancient societies poetry was used as a way to record cultural events or to tell stories and since then has evolved into beautiful works of art. 

Making it a very special form of literature that continues to pass down stories and emotions to future generations, and it’s a very beautiful process to learn.

So if you’re interested in learning how to write poetry and tell your own artistic stories then keep on reading!

Poetry Class Can Impact Your Life

Aside from storytelling, Poetry can truly change your life for the better in many ways, and here’s why.

The art of poetry is a great way to deepen your understanding of the use of language by forcing you to find the perfect words that best fit the feelings you’re trying to express.

For your poems to make the greatest impact on people when reading them you have to choose your words very carefully and make sure they fit the rhythm and style of the entire piece.

Similar to writing a song, a poem needs to flow seamlessly and for that to happen you need a lot of skill and practice.

It will also teach you to break the rules and instead create your own because in poetry you’re not limited when it comes to grammar and length.

Don’t get us wrong, rules are important and in place for a reason but one must not take them so seriously.

Most importantly, writing poetry will make you a better writer in general by forcing you to write differently and at a more Shakespearean level.

We say this because Shakespear once wrote comedies and when he gave himself time to write poetry he came back writing iconic dramas and tragedies such as Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth. 

He learned to write masterpieces that are incredibly famous to this day!

What You’ll Learn in Poetry Class

In poetry class, you’ll learn how to use words to emphasize a point and finding your voice by learning proper grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.

All of these things will have an impact on your writing and will make sure that you’re creating something that others will want to read and remember.

Your instructor might even refer to other poems and go over them with you to help you analyze why those works are considered good and impactful.

It’s also important to read other work that you can relate to because it will inspire you to make your readers feel the same when reading your work.

So you might start by learning to brainstorm for a new poem, which shouldn’t require you to write your poem in order.

Your starting point for example can be a line or a phrase, but it doesn’t mean it will end up being the beginning of your poem.

The next step would be to create an image, feeling, or theme before writing the rest of it so that you can establish the “heart” of your poem.

And eventually, you’ll learn all about form and style where you’ll take your mess of a poem and turn it into a work of literature.

Something most instructors suggest when teaching poetry is to focus on writing your poem for an audience of one, which is you and only you.

In doing so, you’ll leave out the stress of trying to cater to everyone else and focus on only expressing what you’re feeling and the message you’re trying to portray.

Indulge in Writings By the Greatest Poets in History

The best part about learning how to write poetry is being able to experience the work of other poets in a whole new light.

So the next time you read poems by Sylvia Plath, Maya Angelou, Edgar Allan Poe, and even Emily Dickinson you’ll be amazed.

You’ll find every word choice fascinating and you might even find their poems a lot more inspiring than you did the first time you read them. 

And that’s the beauty of literature, the moment you learn to write a great story the more you’ll appreciate when you read one.

Especially when a lot of these poets have greatly influenced western poetry and continue to impact how it’s seen and essentially the way you learn to write it as well.

How to Find Your Perfect Tutor

If you’re looking to take lessons with a private Poetry tutor in Chicago, Superprof has got you covered!

At Superprof, we offer online or in-person lessons based on your level (beginner, intermediate or advanced) and personal needs. 

You can consult tutor profiles freely and contact all of the tutors that may interest you based on pricing and qualifications.

Better yet, 95% of teachers on Superprof offer their first classes for free, and the average cost of fifteen dollars per hour.

One of our goals at Superprof is to offer affordable education to anyone excited about learning and willing to put in the work.

And don’t feel like it might be too late for you to start because different students succeed at different times.

You can even read reviews from former students within your city of Chicago that took poetry lessons from the very same instructor.

Lastly, we want to make sure you have the best experience possible and with the Students Pass, you will have unlimited access to all tutors, coaches, and masterclasses.

So why wait any longer and get started on Superprof to find the best tutor for you and your ideal virtual classroom!

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