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  • Response Time 24h
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Nothing to it, but to do it

    • Houston
    • at his home

About the lesson

I graduated from Cypress Springs High School. I am a born artist. I got my gift from God. l've been drawing since i was 1 or 2 yrs old. I can teach anyone how to draw. Its all in your mind.


  • Drawing
  • Cartooning
  • Comic strips


  • English


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About Joshua

I've taught many people who were willing to learn what drawing is all about. The results is that you will have simple outlook on the complexity of drawing. The main thing is to have fun doing it for you.



  • 5h: $56
  • 10h: $90


If you live far and you don't have to pay much at all $10 an hour. If you're student and you need extra help this will be cheap for you $5 an hour.
If your looking to learn period/ meaning you know nothing about drawing then it will cost you but not too expensive $20 an hour.

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  • Soy graduado como tecnólogo profesional en producción de medios audiovisuales y me especializo en ilustración creativa



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  • Artist with 5 years of galley painting tutored in Hutchinson KS but now live in T or C NM


    Truth or Consequences

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  • Estudiante de arte ofrece lecciones de arte y sus ramas para todas las edades.



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  • Exceptional comic ideas with over 5 years experience in story development and character designs


    Richmond Hill

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  • Hi! I love to draw. I am a story maker, and digital artist. I specialize in character design, conceptual art, and digital painting.


    Missouri City

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  • I have 6 years of professional comic illustration experience and 2 years of animation experience.



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  • Artist with Graphic Design experience offering Art and Design lessons in Clinton, MI



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  • Digital illustrator and cartoonist with 5 years of drawing and printing experience



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  • Bachelor of Fine Art - Studio Artist with focus on Graphic Design & Animation



    I teach hands-on, through the use of online webcam, digital capture, and drawing tablets I will be able to demonstrate...

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  • Passionate sketch artist from Houston providing art lessons with prior teaching experience.



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  • Artist that can teach you how to draw, illustrate and paint in Macomb,MI


    Charter Township of Clinton

    I'm a laid back instructor who loves to help beginning artists build confidence in art step by step. We would start out...

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  • Studied fine art and illustration at UI, have worked as a professional illustrator for several years now, with several published comics.


    Iowa City

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  • Freelance artist offering art lessons in California with 13 years of experience.

    Rebecca Jocelyn

    Mountain View

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  • Game Design student with 16 years of experience offering digital and traditional art lessons


    Colorado Springs

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  • Undergrad artist and illustrator specializing in anatomy, character design, and digital illustration



    I believe the best way to success is practice and repetition. My role will be to serve as an advisor in cultivating your own...

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    • 1hr free
  • Online Digital Art and Art Foundations Class Taught By Active Freelance and Commission Artist



    I am a young artist, good at communicating with youth and very knowledgeable over technology. During this pandemic I plan to...

    • $15/h
    • 1hr free