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  • Literature
  • Essay writing
  • English literature
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Professional English Teacher with 6 years of experience gives tutoring and lessons


As an educator, I believe that students function best within educational settings when they feel respected, able to express their own individuality, and supported. With these priorities in mind, many of my lessons employ a specific chronological flow. Firstly, I dedicate a prominent amount of instruction time to introducing concepts and/or skill sets. During this time, I am certain to provide supporting concrete examples of concept and/or skill application. Then, I allot time for students to explore and practice their own skill and/or concept application. Throughout this process, I encourage students to ask questions and make mistakes, as these are indispensable learning opportunities. Finally, after this period of introduction, practice, and exploration, I guide my students into creating a final product which serves as the synthesis of their exploration and learning process, as well as of the explicit learning goals for that particular lesson. I believe that this pedagogical framework grounds my students in their own experiences, demonstrates respect for their individuality, and provides sensitive and consistent support for their learning.


I hold a dual B.A. in Literature/Writing and Visual Art from UCSD--as well as an M.F.A. in Writing from the California Institute of the Arts. I have 5 years of teaching English Composition and Reading at the college level. I have also worked with K-12 students in both individual and classroom settings--in both creative and academic capacities.


Rate for online lessons : $25/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $22
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $20
Lessons offered by Lan
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Taught subjects
  • Academic English
  • Reading
  • Literature
  • Essay writing
  • English literature
  • Rhetoric
  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • Sophomore
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Advanced Technical Certificate
  • College / University
  • Adult Education
  • MBA

Lan's resume

(concealed information)

Accomplished English Composition and Reading community college Instructor with an
extensive background in academic and creative writing. Formal education focused on
literary theory and analysis, memoir, experimental writing, film theory, art history,
aesthetic theory, conceptual art, ethnic studies, cultural studies, and poetry. Is therefore
a highly dynamic and cultured professional. Teaching philosophy grounded in structured
support: scaffolding, concrete examples, and clear communication blend with support of
individual student voice, capacity, and writing goals.

2010 – 2012 California Institute of the Arts Valencia, CA
M.F.A. Writing, Integrated Media
Selected Coursework: Memoir, Experiments in Autobiography, Fiction & Imaginary
Futures, Psychoanalytic Film Theory, Narratology, Parafiction, New Media Studies

Thesis Title: THAKE
Thesis Adviser: Christine Wertheim

2004 – 2008 University of California, San Diego La Jolla, CA
B.A. Literature/ Writing
B.A. Studio Visual Art- with Honors
Selected Coursework: Literature of the British Isles: Pre 1600, the Novella, Major
American Writers: Fitzgerald & Hemingway, Afro-American Prose, Latin American
Literature, Poetry Theory and Practice, Modern Art History: Bauhaus & Avant-Garde,
Surrealism, 20th Century Art in China & Japan

Jan 2012 – May 2012 California Institute of the Arts Valencia, CA
Editor, Next Words
-Collaborate with fellow editors, graphic designer, and department Chair to create editorial, artistic vision for book of M.F.A. writers’ work
-Proofread allotted portion of book for spelling, punctuation, and grammar
-Submit proofread and edited drafts to writers for accuracy checks and preservation of voice and artistic style
-Finalize manuscripts for submission to publisher according to deadline
-Oversee and approve design prototypes of promotional materials and book to ensure fidelity to articulated aesthetic goals
-Maintain communication with writers to ensure preservation of artistic intent
-Produce creative copy for promotional materials
-Plan and host reading at art gallery

October 2017—Present SuperSummary Remote
Study Guide Writer
-Read assigned book and produce study guide that includes chapter summaries, literary
analysis, relevant quote selection and analysis, and essay prompts
-Study example study guides to observe and understand standard writing style
-Construct study guide in clear, cogent voice that mirrors standard writing style while
providing original and well-developed literary insights
-Adhere to word limit and section length guidelines
-Use template and formatting guidelines to produce polished, standardized study guide
-Utilize self-directed organization and time-management skills to complete assignments
according to deadline


Aug 2013—Present El Camino College Compton Center Compton, CA
Los Angeles Community College District Los Angeles, CA
Reading and English Instructor
ENGL 50AW, ENGL 50RWA, ENGL 80, ENGL 84, ENG 28, ENG 101
-Design and implement 15-week and 7-week accelerated Reading and Writing courses based on institutionally-defined Course Outlines of Record
-Conduct individual essay conferences with students: deliver tailored feedback and coach students in grammar, form, and content
-Encourage critical thought and cogent communication by facilitating application of writing concepts and student brainstorming sessions
-Produce example essays which successfully meet curricular standards
-Produce context- and audience-specific written materials that serve specific instructional and educational ends
-Synthesize institutionally-articulated Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) and Course Learning Objectives into concrete lessons, lectures, writing prompts, and activities which engage and activate students
-Use established curricular precedents, print resources, and academic databases to locate, research, and select level- and SLO-appropriate texts centered on distinct topics
-Use Chicago Manual of Style Proofreader’s Marks to proofread student work for spelling, punctuation, syntax, grammar, mechanics, and MLA formatting errors
-Adapt and alter curricular materials based on evolving needs of students and identified strengths and deficits of particular cohorts
-Use College Reading Tests, quizzes, exams, worksheets, writing assignments to measurably quantify student success in meeting Student Learning Objectives
-Maintain close and clear communication with students at the group and individual level to ensure student success
-Consult with colleagues and administration to ensure that campus, classroom, and course-specific protocols are successfully followed
-Successfully adhere to both institutionally-defined and individually-set administrative and curricular deadlines

Jan 2016 — Aug 2016 L.A.C.E.R. Afterschool Programs Los Angeles, CA
Homework Club Instructor
-Collaborate with fellow instructors to develop creative spelling and literacy activities for middle-school students
-Deliver individualized tutoring to students in Social Studies, English, and Math
-Maintain active, accurate, and clear communication with all program staff, including fellow instructors, administrators, and facilities staff to ensure student safety and adherence to program rules
-Maintain accurate records of student attendance and successfully utilize online interface to submit daily attendance records
-Successfully function as a collaborative team member by performing delegated duties with full understanding of overarching vision and goals

February 2014 – June 2014 Miguel Contreras Learning Complex Los Angeles, CA
Adjunct Instructor
ENG 78: Memoir
-Design creative writing course for high-achieving high school students earning community college credits
-Select and assign published works of memoir across a variety of mediums and styles to support critical and artistic engagement with the medium
-Design curriculum in storytelling methodology: form and content, authorial voice, exercises in style, character development, word choice, sensory detail, dialogue, chronology, vignette
-Construct prompts and exercises to cultivate storytelling method exploration, concept application, completion of one sophisticated memoir project
-Oversee and provide detailed instructions for peer writing workshop sessions
Deliver detailed and individualized feedback on student work, focusing on mechanics/form of writing, course concept application, individual student voice and artistic concerns

Aug 2013 – Dec 2014 Los Angeles City College Los Angeles, CA
Writing Center Tutor
-Fulfill scheduled shifts as Tutor: assist foundational English students, successfully tailoring tutoring to wide spectrum of student ability and English experience
-Address problems with clarity, logic, argumentation, organization, paragraph structure, grammar, and MLA style through open-ended questions and discussion
-Consult various instructor prompts to facilitate students’ successful prompt completion
-Ensure functioning of facility and technology by answering student enrollment questions, instructing new tutors on protocols, delegating administrative duties

March 2013 – September 2013 STAR Education Venice, CA and Boyle Heights, CA
Literacy Teacher, Grades K-5
-Serve as after-school enrichment instructor and homework tutor in underserved LAUSD schools
-Produce empowering academic growth in vocabulary, grammar, spelling, reading and writing through games, creative projects, skill workshops, story-time
-Maximize classroom productivity through effective time-management, materials organization, and lesson-planning
-Design and implement creative activity curriculum including theme-based drawing, music-response drawing, and collaborative creative games
-Mediate student conflict by guiding cool-off time, writing about feelings, and conflict resolution through conversation and mutual respect
-Keep accurate written records of student attendance, snack inventory, parent sign-outs
-Ensure safety of students according to LAUSD instructor and facilities standards
-Attend regular teacher development trainings to build skills, discuss strategies for effective teaching and classroom management

June 2011 – June 2015 Joanna Hoar Los Angeles, CA
-Actively provide nurturing, structured mentorship in the academic and home life of elementary-age student to guide development of life and Language Arts skills
-Devise and execute diagnostic tasks to gauge student ability and growth in argumentative writing, spelling, vocabulary, narrative formation, complex sentences
-Develop and implement time-efficient, creative tasks to progressively build English Language skills in accordance with CA State Education Standards
-Ensure child’s safety and comfort by exercising sensitivity to specific needs, interests, and desires

January 2011- – May 2011 CalArts, Integrated Media Program Valencia, CA
Honorary Teaching Assistant: Anti-Art
-Maintain detailed and accurate notes on student discussion
-Synthesize student discussion into slideshows in order to reiterate and and build on evolving concepts and concerns of class members
-Build student capacity for detailed, sophisticated critical thought about their own work and the work of their peers by facilitating analytical discussion
-Identify and discuss methods of institutional critique within representational strategies of established artists and theorists
-Assist in curation, planning ,and mounting of final class exhibition

September 2010 – May 2012 California Institute of the Arts Valencia, CA
Teaching Assistant: Foundational Writing
-Attend professor lectures centered around distinct literary and/or artistic topics and assigned texts
-Design discussion questions, activities, and writing prompts for small group of 6-8 first-year college students in order to guide deeper understanding of theoretical concepts and the growth of critical writing skills
-Lead discussions in flexible, creative manner that balances learning goals with individual needs and interests of students
-Conduct individual conferences with students to address comprehension problems, skill deficits, specific student interests, and student improvement
-Evaluate and issue final grades for all assigned students

February 2009 – April 2009 Venice Arts: In Neighborhoods Venice, CA
Assistant Teacher: Film Discovery, Spring Session
-Support elementary-aged students in realizing their creative visions from pre-production into post-production of short film projects
-Provide technical and skill instruction in narrative development, script-writing, performance and staging techniques
-Assist in student film shoots by providing guidance on narrative and film strategies while simultaneously promoting creative autonomy
-Ensure student safety during film shoots by maintaining student adherence to safety rules
-Demonstrate respect for diversity of student educational, economic, cultural, racial experience

June 2009 – August 2009 826LA Los Angeles, CA
Administrative Intern and Tutor
-Deliver individualized tutoring to elementary and middle-school students to produce active, independence-centered completion of homework in after school learning center
-Collaboratively develop and administer summer day camp curriculum in American history, creative writing, play-writing and book-making
-Enthusiastically represent organization to families and community partners with accurate understanding of organization ethos and goals
-Maintain professional and courteous email and phone correspondence with donors
-Accurately maintain and update donor database
-Train volunteers in administrative and educational procedures

Spanish proficient, Microsoft Office Suite, Social Media, Mac and PC proficient

Visual Arts Honors Program Alumna, Stewart Poetry Award Finalist, Provost’s Scholar

Available upon request

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