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Mary Ann

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1st lesson free!

Seasoned English Teacher lives in Virginia share love of English with students.

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Students learn based on their own learning style. If you need extra help, I understand and will give you tools that will assist you to become proficient in English. Students learn in the best way possible and understand better.


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About Mary Ann

ESL and native speakers have been academically successful. I have taught for 10 years and want to share my love of English with you. Share English through visual and text learning. Love to share my love of English.



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  • Homemaker with 3 years of professional teaching as a certified Elementary Teacher. Master Degree earned.



    My teaching method is aligned with my students individual needs. I teach based on where my students are academically and...

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  • Hello I will be a great influence on you’re kids and I am trying to gain experience. I will try my best to teach you’re kids the best I can.



    My teaching method is taking things step by step, I make sure he or she understands what we’re doing. If they don’t then...

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  • I am a Humanities graduate with BA in English, a Concentration in Creative Writing and a Minor in Pyschology. I have ample experience in Technical and Critical Writing as well and will tailor my assis



    I tailor my lessons to an as needed basis. In our first lesson I will ask you a set of questions to get an idea of the level...

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  • I graduated in 2019, from Virginia Tech, with a double major in Professional and Technical Writing, plus Literature and Language. I tutored other students during and after my college career. I would l



    I believe in teaching students one lesson at a time, so that they do not get overwhelmed with new information. I prepare my...

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  • Graduate teaching English mostly mythology folktales and legends  ancient history and occult creative writing and the elements



    Basically my classes will be fun and interesting I personally work with Ancient myths folktales creative writing stuff to...

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  • Education means inspiring someone's head not just filling their head! Excited to help with academic English and math.


    Falls Church

    I encourage self-guidance, all students are far more capable than they may believe and I'm here to them remind them of that....

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  • . I have B.A in Arts and Education English section and the TEFL  . I can teach the English Literature, Grammar, both the IELTS and the TOEFL Courses, Phonetics, Speaking, Listening, Essay, Writing, Ge



    I am well-Qualified teacher of English with long Experience in the learning process. Through my teaching I use work group ,...

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  • Master of Psychology with decades of experience to get you up to speed.



    Lessons consist of you and I reviewing assignments and focusing on problem areas. I will assist you in breaking daunting...

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  • English Teacher with 20 years of experience.  I am certified K-12 and have taught online ESL for the past 5 years. I am happy to teach and learn with all students.



    I will cover a variety of topics with my students. We connect with literature, fiction and non- fiction, grammar, writing...

    • $15/h
    • 1hr free
  • College Student teaching English classes from middle school to high school in NYC



    I would like to make the lesson as specific to the person I am tutoring as possible, I will go over what the student is...

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  • Law graduate with highest attainable grade in English at the University level.



    I have had the honor of teaching kids below the age of 10 years. So, when I say that I am used to "Explain it to me like I...

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  • Thirty-one years of teaching experience....MASTER TEACHER of English Literature, reading, writing, grammar, and anything verbal.   My humor and encyclopedic knowledge about the written word sets me ap



    My lessons are always engaging, student-empowering, and culturally relevant, current and stimulating. I will not only cover...

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  • University of Virginia student and English major looking to help guide students in writing papers, college essays, preparing for exams, and anything else! I teach students of any age and can work virt



    As a tutor, I am eager to engage with students and help them use their own creativity to write strong essays and improve...

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  • English, Science, History, and Math Tutor for the past 4 years. - Currently working towards my Masters in Historical Studies



    My teaching approach is to cater the material to the individual learning it, meaning that since subjects are best understood...

    • $15/h
    • 1hr free
  • Environmental Science College Student: offering math, english/reading, science, and wellness lessons (DMV area)


    The Plains

    Depending on the age of my student, I believe it is important for us to discuss our goals and expectations of each other. ...

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  • Harvard and Princeton grad teaches English, SAT/ACT, AP History around Washington DC



    I consider education a gift, and so I'm giving back by tutoring young people, including students with learning difficulties...

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  • Online English Teacher & Tutor Ready To Provide Excellent Instruction in Akron, Ohio



    My teaching approach is based on finding and linking points of interest among students to instruction material and...

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  • Passionate college student majoring in education, tutoring English from home in the LA area.



    My teaching approach focuses on reciprocal learning between teacher and student, so that I may base my method around the...

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  • Executive Functioning and Academic Coach, 20+ years experience- spots open now!



    My teaching approach is pretty simple. Kids need a champion. Children with learning deficits are too often faced with...

    • $75/h
    • 1hr free
  • Lively kind teacher of English and communication skills teaches in Greensboro, NC



    I encourage every student to contribute from their own mind, carefully observing and listening to discover how each...

    • $20/h
    • 1hr free
  • Improve yourself as a writer, And become overall more eloquent. I work with anyone and everyone!



    I like to teach by establishing a basis of knowing what the person I'm teaching would like to reflect in their writing. Once...

    • $15/h
    • 45mins free