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Soon-to-be graduate of Washtenaw Community College majoring in English, looking for experience in tutoring!

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• The reason you should consider my guidance over others is my personability. I will work with anybody for any reason, and should there be any issues, I am more than willing to work things out. In addition, I have a hands-on approach with real-time editing, ensuring that I tell you any mistakes as you go along a writing piece.

• I also accept papers to edit myself, with a comprehensive list of what is wrong (if anything), why it is wrong, and suggestions on how to fix it.

• So often, people focus too much on what they're doing wrong instead of asking, "Why does this matter? What am I doing this for?" I aim to help you grasp an understanding of the "why?"

• A typical lesson plan starts with you. Whatever you need help with is my focus. I won't lecture; I won't make things uninteresting; instead, I will focus on inspiring you to become the best version of yourself as a writer.

• My lessons are for all people with skill levels from elementary school to community college. My specialty is creative writing.


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About Ethan

• I am a straightforward person to work with and have a quirky, sarcastic, light-hearted nature. I enjoy the interactions with people not like myself and look forward to every new experience. I may not have the level of experience as others do, but I do have the understanding, aspirations, motivations, and contemplations as any good creative writer should.

• Can you put up with sarcastic, witty quickness with a side of truth? Good. You'll need that!
• Can you optimize your time (and mine) to the best of your ability, and do you take your writing seriously? Great! So do I; there's one more thing we have in common.

• I am an actual human with natural human desires. I desire to lead you to a better future, even if your destiny doesn't involve writing.



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Flexible payment; tell me what you can do, and I can work with you!

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