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Writer, poet, essayist, retired after 40 years of university teaching, can teach writing of all kinds

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My teaching is methodologically individualized: I teach to the student's need, depending on age, background, and objective. Generally, though, if you want to learn to write better, it is useful to read as much as possible and as well as possible. Writing requires practice and patience, but it also requires soaking up good writing. We read, we write, we live.


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About Terry

I taught for 30 years at 8 different colleges and universities (always tenured or on tenure track) and have published 15 books. I have taught hundreds of students.

Retired May 2016

Arizona State University, July 1 2006 – May 2016 (Emeritus Professor 2016-present)

Rank: Full Professor, Dept. of English
Administrative Assignments: Director of Creative Writing, 2006 – 2008,
Director of the Virginia G. Piper Center, 2007-2008

University of Georgia, July 2001 – June 2006

Rank: Editor, The Georgia Review; Full Professor, Dept. of English

Classes Taught:
Poetry Workshop (graduate)
Seminar: American Poetry, 1915-1960 (graduate)

Virginia Commonwealth University, Sept. 1997 – June 2001

Full Professor/Senior Poet

Classes Taught:
Poetry Workshop (graduate)
Poetics Seminar: Contemporary Poetry, Precedents and Contexts (graduate)
Poetics Seminar: Poetics of Form (graduate)
Advanced Poetry Workshop (undergraduate)
Senior Seminar: Traditions and Forms of Poetry (undergraduate)
Contemporary Poetry in English (undergraduate)
Introduction to Poetry Writing (undergraduate)

University of Oregon, Sept. 1993 – August 1997
Full Professor
Director of the Program in Creative Writing

Courses Taught:
Poetry Workshop (graduate)
Craft Seminar: Poetics of Form (graduate)
Craft Seminar: Poetics of the Lyric (graduate)
Craft Seminar: Issues in Contemporary Poetry (graduate)
Advanced Poetry Workshop (undergraduate)
Intermediate Poetry Writing (undergraduate)

Middlebury College, Sept. 1989 – Aug 1993

Associate Professor
Editor-in-chief, New England Review
Director of Creative Writing, 1991-1993

Courses Taught (all undergraduate):
Introduction to Genre Studies
The Structure of Poetry and Fiction (winter term course)
Introduction to Poetry and Fiction Writing
Intermediate Poetry Workshop
Advanced Creative Writing

Visiting Associate Professor of English, University of Oregon, Sept – Dec. 1992
(on leave from Middlebury College)

Courses Taught:
Poetry Workshop (graduate)
Seminar: The Craft of Transformation: Prosody and Change in
The Poetry of Adrienne Rich and James Wright (graduate)

Kenyon College, July 1984 – June 1989

Visiting Assistant Professor, 1984-1985
Assistant Professor, 1985-1988
Associate Professor, 1988-1989

Courses Taught (all undergraduate):
Introduction to Poetry and Fiction Writing
Advanced Poetry Writing
Advanced Fiction Writing
Survey of American Literature (two-semester course)
Introduction to Language and Literature: Great Books (two-semester

Special Assignment: Resident Directory, Kenyon/Exeter Program,
University of Exeter, Exeter, UK, 1986 – 1987

Courses Taught:
To visiting Kenyon students: Shakespeare in Production, Modern
British Literature, Junior Honors Seminar
To Exeter University students: Introduction to Poetry and Fiction
Writing (year course) 19th Century American Poetry

Visiting Assistant Professor of English, Middlebury College, Sept. 1987 –
Feb. 1988, and Guest Editor, New England Review and Bread Loaf
Quarterly for the same period (on leave from Kenyon College)

Course taught: Intermediate Fiction Writing

Writer in Residence, University of California at Irvine, March – June 1988
(on leave from Kenyon College)

Courses Taught:
Poetry Workshop (graduate)
Poetry Workshop (undergraduate)

Oklahoma State University, Aug. 1980 – June 1984

Rank: Assistant Professor

Courses Taught:
Seminar in Creative Writing: Poetry (graduate)
Studies in Creative Writing: Poetry, Form and Theory (graduate)
Seminar: Contemporary American Poetry (graduate)
Introduction to Poetry and Fiction Writing (undergraduate)
Intermediate Poetry Writing (undergraduate)
Advanced Poetry Writing (undergraduate)
Introduction to Literature (undergraduate)
Survey of American Literature (undergraduate)
Introduction to Poetry/Genre Studies (undergraduate)
Introduction to Critical Writing (undergraduate)
Freshman Composition (undergraduate)
Honors Seminar: Contemporary Poetry (undergraduate)
Honors Seminar: The Confessional Impulse in Literature (Augustine,
Rousseau, Wordsworth, Joyce, Ellison, Roethke, Lowell,
Plath) (undergraduate)

University of Utah, Fall 1977 – Summer 1980

Rank: Graduate Teaching Fellow

Courses Taught:
Freshman Composition
Introduction to Poetry and Fiction Writing
Special Assignment: Team-led discussion groups in interdisciplinary
course “Reason, Romanticism, and Revolution in the 18th and 19th
Centuries,” with other teaching fellows from the sciences and
humanities, under the direction of two U. of U. professors; the
course was designed and offered by the U. of U.’s Dept. of Liberal

University of Southern Mississippi, Fall 1972 – Spring 1973

Rank: Teaching Assistant

Courses Taught:
Freshman Composition
Introduction to Literature 

Editor-in-Chief, The Georgia Review, 2001-2006
Contributing Editor, Kenyon Review, 1990 - present
Contributing Editor, Manoa: A Literary Journal of the Pacific Rim, 1989 –
Editor-in-Chief, New England Review, Sept, 1989 – June 1993
Editor-in-Chief, Kenyon Review, March 1988 – Aug. 1989
Guest Editor, New England Review and Bread Loaf Quarterly, Sept.
1987 – Feb. 1988
Poetry Editor, Cimarron Review, 1980 – 1984
Editor-in-Chief, Quarterly West, 1988 – 1989
Associate Editor, Quarterly West, 1987 – 1988



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